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February 16, 2012
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Jelly O.o by Toyeshinyama Jelly O.o by Toyeshinyama
Hope this is a better version Jazzy Wa I tried but you don't have to do this one though I'm using the old one still I just thought I'd make a different outfit for her for the near future :D

But I just hope you can see it.
From Head to toe: Colors

Hair: Light Blue/Red
Skin/Fur: Light Brown
Headphone: Piano with the Skull Candy symbol on it and the headphone part is purple with the letter "J" on it
T-Shirt: Light Purple (with the word "Rabit" on it with a Rabbit ear on it) the neck part is purple and black with the end of the sleeves and bottom part of the t-shirt plus the tie is rainbow color
Pants: Belt is pink and black. Chains are gold the pants are basically bell-bottoms it's just on the right side the bottom part of the pants are cut off and she has black boots on
the cress on the pants are pink
the tail: Has the peace symbol on it with a heart shape around it\

Head detail: Okay the eye shadow is blue with a black cross on it
Face detail: Okay the piercing on the lip is the "snake bite"
Arms: The same long sleeve with purple and black strips on it and she has a big band on her left arm with a four point star on it (the star is gold but the outside of it is light green)
Hand detail: The glove has a metal on the middle of the hand which is the blue glove and on the end of each finger on the glove is a checkered pattern of purple and black

Request for :iconjazz-the-spazz:
She couldn't see the other one I posted up and I just hope this one helps (used more light)
[Jelnett (c) :icontoyeshinyama:]
yeah this does help ;; thank you <3 its a lot clearer
yay lol :D Glad it did :hug:
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